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  • One of a kind

    One of a kind

    The Institute of Petroleum and Energy Studies, a Centre of Excellence in Africa.
  • Get a high-value education..

    Get a high-value education..

    ..that challenges you and then propels you into a high-impact career

  • Our tight-knit community

    Our tight-knit community

    The right environment for study and a vibrant life - the best of both worlds

  • Developing Skills

    Developing Skills

    Become a sought-after professional. Prepare yourself to unlock some of the best industry opportunities

  • Empower your dreams...

    Empower your dreams...

    Be Ready for the future. Be informed and increase your influence

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      Welcome to IPES

      The Institute of Petroleum and Energy Studies (formerly the Institute of Petroleum Studies) was established in 2003 in a unique collaboration between the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, the French Petroleum Institute or Institut français du pétrole (IFP), France, and the NNPC/Total E&P Nigeria Limited (now TotalEnergies) Joint Venture to meet the needs of the petroleum industry through a commitment to excellence in training, applied research, continuing education and capacity development.

      Why Study in IPES?A Multi-disciplinary ApproachPractical and Stimulating LearningExpanding OpportunitiesAn Outsanding FacultySupportive ClassmatesCondusive Learning Environment

      Teaching Responsibility




      IFP, France



      Benefits of studying in IPES

      01. Professional Certification
      Successful students at the end of the MSc programme shall receive a Masters' Degree jointly awarded by IFP School, France and the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 
      Students will be presented for Associate Environment Practitioners (AEP) Certification (NREP, USA).
      02. Practical and Stimulating Learning
      The IPES Masters programme is taught jointly by lecturers from the University of Port Harcourt (Uniport), Nigeria, IFP School, France as well as experts from the petroleum industry within and outside Nigeria.
      Our curriculum is contemporary and research-intensive, focusing on the dynamic realities of the energy industry and the nature of the complexities to deal with – as new research results brings fresh material, which subjects classroom knowledge to constant review.
      03. Internship and Employment Opportunities
      IPES graduates have a 95% internship and employability rate in the oil and gas industry on graduation.
      Our specialised Career Service team help graduates find internships, placement, and continuing education. The service also includes helping with job applications and interviews.
      04. Free Learning for Post Graduate Diploma Students
      The Post Graduate Diploma in Petroleum Technology is offered free of charge to eligible candidates. This is part of TotalEnergies' corporate social responsibility to the states where her operations reside.

      IPES Governing Board

      • Mrs. Evi Ifekwe

        Mrs. Evi Ifekwe

        Chairman, Governing Board
        Executive Director, People and Country Services, TEPNG 
      • Mrs. Kenechi Esomeju

        Mrs. Kenechi Esomeju

        General Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), TEPNG
      • Prof. Sunday Sunday Ikiensikimama

        Prof. Sunday Sunday Ikiensikimama

        Director IPES, Uniport
      • Prof. Leo Osuji

        Prof. Leo Osuji

        Director, University of Port Harcourt Foundation
      • Prof. U. A. Kamalu

        Prof. U. A. Kamalu

        Dean, Faculty of Engineering, University of Port Harcourt
      • Mrs. Flora Amadi

        Mrs. Flora Amadi

        Administrative Secretary, IPES Uniport
      • Prof. Frederique Fournier

        Prof. Frederique Fournier

        Coordinator and Chairman, Advisory Committee of IPES and IFP Training School
      • Remi Mouchel

        Remi Mouchel

        IFP Training Chairman of the Executive Board and Director of Operations
      • Alhaji Sani Kabo

        Alhaji Sani Kabo

        Head of Business Services, NNPC Limited
      • Mr. Jide Adebulehin

        Mr. Jide Adebulehin


        IPES Management

        • Sunday Sunday Ikiensikimama

          Sunday Sunday Ikiensikimama

        • Joseph Amieibibama

          Joseph Amieibibama

          Deputy Director/PGD Co-ordinator
        • Oluwafemi Oyedokun

          Oluwafemi Oyedokun

          IFP Rep/MSC Co-ordinator
        • Flora Amadi

          Flora Amadi

          Administrative Secretary
        • Joseph Wachukwu

          Joseph Wachukwu

        • Bernadette Ukaegbu

          Bernadette Ukaegbu


          Students Gallery

          Meet our lovely students


          • As a Well Engineer, I belong to multi-disciplinary project teams consisting of Geologists, Reservoir Engineers, Petro Physicists, etc. With my training in IPS, I am able to understand the work done by these colleagues. I can appreciate the uncertainties and risks that they identify in their scopes.

            Well Engineer, SPDCONYEDIKACHI Judith
            Judith Onyedikachi
          • IPS gave me an invaluable opportunity to be here today. It equipped me with the basic technical and soft skills to work in the industry. IPS imbibes you with discipline, good work ethics and collaborative skills which automatically gives you a head start that propels you beyond the reach of your contemporaries within and beyond the industry

            Process Engineer, TOTALEnergiesFASHOLA Rilwan
          • “Looking for a school that will revolutionize your thinking, behavioural pattern, and quest for knowledge? IPS is doing just that. IPS builds a complete oil and gas engineer and has launched me on a path to a successful career.”
            Graduate Trainee, Process and Flow Assurance, TOTALEnergiesGabriel ANWANA
            Gabriel ANWANA
          • My presentation and communication skills were greatly improved at IPS and has been a springboard for me. Resilience cannot be taken away from an IPS graduate who through tough study times persevered till the end
            Nigeria LNGDIBIAGWU Emmanuel Ugo
            DIBIAGWU Emmanuel Ugo
          • The IPS experience made me constantly strive to be a better version of myself (personally & professionally). It taught me that teamwork, commitment and consistency are keys to achieving goals. Nowadays, no matter how difficult a task or situation may seem, I believe it is possible to overcome.
            2018 ValedictorianETOH Jessica Onyekachi
            ETOH, Jessica Onyekachi
          • With dedicated and motivated tutors, updated knowledge base with industry exposure and a student community that fosters camaraderie and bonds that last far beyond the study period... IPS, without a doubt, is the best school i have studied at.
            Well Engineer, SPDCORJI Kosi Marian
            ORJI Kosi Marian

            Get in Touch


            Send an email to info@ipes.uniport.edu.ng

            Become a student at IPES

            Please contact our Admission Office on +2349090624900 or email admissions@ipes.uniport.edu.ng for information.

            Request for Transcript

            For MSC, send an email to msc.coordinator@ipes.uniport.edu.ng to request a transcript
            For PGD, send an email to pgd.coordinator@ipes.uniport.edu.ng to request a transcript
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